Surgical Interventions

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Knee Replacement Surgery Osteoarthritis often develops in just one compartment of the knee, usually the inner (medial) compartment. A uni-compartmental knee replacement (UKR) is designed to replace the worn joint surfaces on one side of the joint, thereby relieving pain and improving function. The operation can be performed through a smaller incision (12cm) which allows […]

Injection Treatments

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Injections into the knee can be helpful to settle symptoms and may delay/avoid the need for surgical treatments. For patients with symptoms from early arthritis visco-supplementation injections can be helpful (Durolane, Smith&Nephew). The knee is injected with a lubricant similar to naturally occurring lubricant fluid found in the normal joint. These often need to be […]

Specialist Physiotherapy

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We work closely with a number of local physiotherapists. They will assess you and design a rehabilitation programme specific to your needs.  [ASL_STORELOCATOR]

Medical Treatments

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A number of knee problems can be treated successfully without the need for operations. Often symptoms from degenerate meniscal tears / early arthritis can be well managed with simple treatments. These include general lifestyle advice including avoidance of repetitive impact loading activities. A weight loss programme. Use of simple pain-killers and anti-inflammatory medications if appropriate. […]