Experience & Specialisation
We are surgeons who only treat knee problems, building up specialist expertise to help you.
Patient Education
We are committed to helping patients understand their knee problem and all the available treatment options.
Second Opinions
A significant proportion of our work is offering a second opinion helping patients with complex problems following surgery.

About Oxford Knee Group

We are a group of specialist knee surgeons employed at the world renowned Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre in Oxford. We provide private services for patients at the Manor Hospital, Oxford. The Oxford Knee Group has an international reputation for knee surgery and our consultants lecture around the world on all aspects of knee surgery.

Your Pathway

Discover the process we take to ensure you receive the best treatment possible.


Find out details  of our weekly clinics  held by our specialist knee surgeons.

Treatment Options

For all knee problems a range of treatment options are available. We will try and help you work out what option for you individually is most appropriate.

Meet The Team

Our team of specialist knee surgeons have a wealth of experience and a range of specialised skills. 

Common Knee Problems

Find out the most common reasons why people see us.  We’ll aim to understand how your knee problem affects you, and what course of action best suits your situation.


Find all the resources related to your pathway in one place.

Funding Treatment

Find out about the funding options for your treament.

Healthcare Professionals

For our referral details as well as information about GP education, Physiotherapists, courses & Fellowship programme.

Get In Touch

To find out more information or if you wish to book an appointment with the Oxford Knee Group, please email the Practice Manager Cristina Blewitt at admin@oxfordkneegroup.com or call 01865 307 526.